Marking a New Era in Music

Aubrey Slaver is an exciting new solo artist making waves in the music industry. Strong will and determination pushed her forward, but raw talent has kept this artist strong and alive. Aubrey Slaver prides herself on a beautiful, versatile sound and broad fanbase. For bookings, schedules, and more information get in touch today.



Dallas native, Aubrey Slaver, grew up surrounded by all styles of music. Her father, who has been an event DJ in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for over 30 years, played a large part in Aubrey's remarkable talent, versatility, and approach to performing. Aubrey is able to sing many different styles of music and cater her voice, tone, and style to fit the needs of the audience she is performing for. 

Aubrey is most passionate about jazz, blues, and soulful music, which is apparent once you hear her. She is known for her smooth sultry voice, that you won't find anywhere else! Most commonly being compared stylistically as a mix of the smoothness of Etta James, the vibes of Alabama Shakes, and the power of Kelly Clarkson, Aubrey Slaver is a vocal powerhouse. Her vocal journey began in church in Dallas, Texas and continued to flourish throughout her schooling in Austin, Texas. She is vocally trained in jazz, classical, pop, and musical theatre from multiple esteemed universities, and continues her vocal journey with some of the best vocal coaches and mentors.

Aubrey brings a competent, confident, and captivating presence when she sings, whether it be a small backyard patio event, or a large festival performance. Countless performing hours, superb vocal coaching, and a family history rooted in music, Aubrey Slaver will not disappoint!




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